2018 Band Trip
Walt Disney World

2017 Band Trip
New York, New York

2016 Band Trip 
Carnival Sensation to Nassau, The Bahamas
2015 Band Trip
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
2014 Band Trip
Walt Disney World









The Philip Barbour High School Band is under the direction of Victor J. Iapalucci.



"The Pride of Barbour County," is what the Philip Barbour High School Band is affectionately known as, but for the director, students, coaches, parents, boosters, volunteers, alumni, school, and community, it's truly the single best descriptor of our band.  Our band represents the best of what Barbour County, West Virginia, has to offer: vision, commitment, hard work, teamwork, and excellence...not with an eye toward winning the accolades of others, but toward having pride in accomplishing the impossible together.  We have inherited a legacy of pride and bring it forth boldly into the future.  


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